Selling Tips

Top 5 Value Add Tips To Increase Your Home Value

In Less Than 7 Days


Selling your home can be one of the best opportunities of a lifetime to cash in on your hard-earned investment. Whether you are moving up, downsizing, selling an inherited property, or simply cashing out for a new life journey, it’s important to understand a few things about what it takes to sell your property for top dollar and within a favorable time frame.


Disregard the condition of your home, and you can find yourself selling at a larger discount than you think. Property values in a given neighborhood of Southern California can easily range from $100,000 to $200,000 in sale price; so let’s make sure you’re aware of how we can maximize your asset value.


Through the years of buying and selling our own personal real estate, we’ve learned a thing or two about what sells a home to a prospective buyer.

Here are our Top 5 (Inexpensive) value add tips to increase your home value in less than 7 Days.




1)   Clean Up The Yard


In real estate, first impressions matter.


When buyers are looking for a home, they tend to drive by the homes that interest them the most in order to qualify homes to their shortlist. Now, place yourself in buyers’ shoes. Would you rather buy a home in a similar neighborhood for a similar price that has clean landscaping out front, or one with weeds and tall grass surrounding the entry to the home?


Take matters into your own hands and plant some extra seeds in the lawn, churn the soil and add mulch in the planter boxes to give color and contrast to the yard, add some colorful flowers or plants to spruce up the appearance of the home.

It’s a simple day project that can lead to an immediate increase in value, and get your home sold much more quickly.


2)   Declutter the Interior


The less visible to the naked eye, the better.


When buyers have finally decided to add your home to their shortlist, they’ll more than likely ask their agent to set up a tour. Showing a clean home, free of clutter, allows the buyers to visualize the home with their own belongings.

When you show a home that’s messy, that’s usually what the buyer will focus on, and more than likely move on to the next home available in the neighborhood. Not only does a cleanly presented home sell for more, it sells faster.

Take a day to clean out the cobwebs and box personal items, and witness the value rise almost immediately.


3)   Paint


Now this can be broken down in many ways.


Ideally, it’s best to paint both the exterior and interior prior to selling a home. However, depending on one's budget, it may not be economically feasible to do this.

Either way, touching up scuff marks in the hallways, or wear and tear from furniture up against walls, will go a long way at increasing value upon sale.



4)   Professionally Clean the Flooring


Let's face it, owning a home for many years will lead to natural wear and tear to the flooring.


From pet dander, to spilled juices from the kids, to track in mud and dirt from walking in and out of the house, carpet and flooring can get worn down and prove as a turn off to prospective buyers.


Take a day to hire a professional to come through and scrub the flooring clean. Get rid of those smells you’ve become naturally accustomed to, and allow each and every buyer a refreshing perspective on being the new owner of your home.


5)   Take Professional Photos


The most underrated and easiest add to make to increase the value of your home.


Given you’ve taken the previous 4 tips to heart, this last piece of the puzzle goes along with the first impression idea. Go ahead and look at some active homes for sale in your neighborhood. Based on the photos, which homes do you like best?

Do you happen to notice the difference between the listings with professional photography vs. the listings with basic photos?


Of course you do! Guess what?

So does each and every buyer that is looking to buy a home in your neighborhood. My personal favorites are the photos uploaded upside down or sideways by the agents listing the home. Talk about a selling point!


Believe it or not, a prospective buyer will pass on viewing your home if the pictures don’t match their standards. Our recommendation, don’t take that to chance.


In fact, as you may have seen on our portfolio page on our website, we offer professional photography as an included service for all our clients looking to sell their home. It’s our duty to ensure you earn every dollar possible on the sale of your home.


When you’re ready to list, give us a call and we’d be happy to provide you with some personalized recommendations to get your home sold at top dollar!